Quality Assurance

Quality development and assurance of the educational work is currently regarded as a central and mandatory task for all schools. Teachers can support the process of quality development and assurance in schools through the development of their different abilities and skills. New curricula and educational standards extend the pedagogical- and didactical- methodological scope of schools. This means for them, at the same time, a stronger accountability for results. Based on this quality assurance modules can be developed and extended to ensure a total qualitative development.

The improvement of the quality of a school is a joint responsibility of the school board and staff that places high demands on them. Heads of schools are required as a driving force, whilst the teaching staff are faced with performance differences in the classroom. With themes such as school management, the professionalism of teachers, lesson planning, counselling, conflict management and the evaluation of education the organizational development guided towards optimizing the terms and conditions of school learning arrangements.

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