1938 Foundation of the “School of Chemistry, Dr. Szelinkski” in Heilbronn for the training of chemotherapy technicians.
1953 The school board was taken over by Dr. F. Künkele.
1955 Relocation of the school from Heilbronn to Landau / Pfalz. Establishment of the training developed at this school for the education of science technicians.
1958 The school was renamed “Naturwissenschaftliches Technikum”. Training courses started for medical technical assistants (MTA).
1964 Development and expansion through the uptake of training courses for biological technical assistants (BTA) and chemical technical assistants (CTA).
1968 Training courses started for Pharmaceutical technical assistants (PTA).
1973/74 Acquisition of school management and board by Prof. Dr. R. Baumgartner.
1981 Training courses started for environmental technical assistants (UTA).
1992 Recognition as a UNESCO School.
1994 Acquisition of the school by the teaching staff in the form of “a cooperative to promote scientific and technical education eG”. The school was subsequently renamed “Naturwissenschaftliches Technikum Dr. Künkele“ (NTK).
 2008 The NTK was given the approved operation of a dual system of vocational high school education(dual BOS). Modules of the training course for BTA’s were considered as “comparable to the quality standards of bachelor’s degree programs at German universities” and accredited by the Higher Education Accreditation Agency AQAS.
2014 Start of the PTA training courses in Mainz.
Der Gründer des Technikums Dr. F. Künkele

The Founder of the NTK Dr. F. Künkele

Untersuchungsanstalt in Heilbronn

The school building in Heilbronn

Staatsexamen 1954

State examina 1954

Labor im Deutschen Tor

Laboratory in the 1950s


Labor im Deutschen Tor

Laboratory in the 1950s


MTA Laboratory


CTA graduation class in the 1950s

Besuch des Oberbürgermeisters

The former lord mayor of Landau visits the school’s labs


Dr. Künkele auf dem Faschingsball

Dr. Künkele on a fancy dress ball

angewandte Lebensmittelchemie

Applied food chemistry