Chemical Technical Assistants (CTA)

Job Description

CTAs are professionals whose fields of activity in the chemical, cosmetic, food and beverages industry are, as well as the policy groups of environmental analysis and to an increasing extent in the fields of biochemistry, biotechnology and molecular biology. Other employment opportunities can be found in public areas such as at universities, research institutions and state chemical testing laboratories.

Job Opportunities

CTAs perform autonomous work in the field of analytics. These include sample preparation in many facets, analyzing and implementing the computational, often computer-assisted analysis of the data. Becoming increasingly important is trace analysis, in which even the smallest amounts of substance can be detected by a combination of methods of instrumental analysis. A wide range of applications can be found in the chemical quality control of the analytical examination of raw materials, intermediate and finished products, as well as in synthetic chemistry, in the production of chemical substances.
The diversity of activities have given CTAs – seen both regional and nationwide – a good chance of a job. The CTAs educational training in environmental protection (UTA) may be achieved at NTK as a six-month additional qualification. Many companies offer internal training and good opportunities for promotion. The acquisition of the advanced technical college certificate opens up opportunities for further training. Companies with a high demand for such skilled workers are “BioTec Start-Up” companies, as well as established biotech companies and prestigious research institutes such as the German Cancer Research Centre, and the nationwide represented Max Planck Society or the Fraunhofer Institute.

Academic Education

The vocational classes (see timetable on the back) is made up of of 9 learning areas where interdisciplinary skills are learned. Theoretical and practical teaching goes hand-in-hand and are equally important. The acquisition of skills in the field of biotechnology, micro- and molecular biology reflects the new requirements of the labour market and expands the range of potential fields of activity.

Of great importance is a self-critical way of working, self-reliance and personal responsibility. In particular, the team spirit to be trained as a highly-demanded skill during training in addition to the expertise gained.
After a training period of 2 years, an exam is taken to become a “state-certified CTA”. Here, the theoretical and practical skills are reviewed in written exam papers and a project work.


Do you have a qualified secondary education (high school) or equivalent? Do you have fun in teamwork and dare to take over responsibility? Have fun experimenting and logical and creative thinking?
If so, then you have the best conditions for this varied, interesting and future-proof profession!