As a future-oriented higher vocational school for technical assistants, we are always keen to keep our training standards as high as possible.
The introduction of bachelor’s degree courses with its related modularization gave us the opportunity of comparing our skill levels in the subject of biology with those of other universities.
Under the auspices of the umbrella of VBIO we have created, together with 4 other BTA vocational colleges, from our science classes 5 modules that are oriented in their content to those of universities and submitted to the accrediting agency AQAS for review. This first-ever application was examined by AQAS according to the criteria used in comparable applications from universities.
In February 2008, the quality assurance process was successfully completed and the modules accredited for 5 years as being comparable with “the quality standards in graduate biology degree study programs at German universities”.
Whilst individual parts of theory and work placements of our BTA-Training have been recognised in the past at various universities, this has become increasingly difficult with the introduction of the bachelor~ degree course. With the successful accreditation of our modules, we have created an improved comparability, which should make it easier for universities in the future to recognize and accept parts of a high-quality education BTA.